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Musical selections for a funeral service are an important consideration for anyone. A great deal can be said in what is played at a service or during funeral home visiting.

For services in our chapel, our musical director is Mr. Ross McDonald.

Ross McDonald

Ross McDonald has been the staff musician since the Westview Funeral Chapel opened in 1997 and continues to provide the same outstanding music here at Northview Funeral Chapel. Ross is well known throughout the London music scene.

He has played concerts throughout the USA and Canada, including Casa Loma in Toronto. He regularly accompanies musical theatre. Ross has also been a Director of Music, Organist, and Choir Director all his life, and is currently serving Trinity Lutheran Church here in London.

The Instrument

Northview has a beautiful sounding state-of-the-art digital instrument. It has all the sounds of a full orchestra, piano, pipe organ, voice, and more. Many comment on the magnificent sound and musical variation of the instrument.

The Music

Today people choose what is meaningful to them to celebrate and honor the life of their loved one. Often families will ask for the same music that was played for a loved one many years ago, as it brought much comfort then and will again now.

Today people choose what is meaningful to them to celebrate and honour the life of their loved one. Listed below are some suggestions.

  • Traditional Church Music
  • The Big Band Era
  • Contemporary Music
  • Scottish & Irish Music
  • Light Classical Vintage Music
  • Music from Theatre Stage and Silver Screen
  • Country and Western
  • Soloists

Let Us Help You.

Navigating the days after the passing of a loved one can be one of the most difficult challenges of one's life. We are proud to be able to help members of our community make their way through this complicated period of their lives.