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Renne Allen Thomson

April 28, 1957 - June 29, 2020

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Renne “Reen” Allen Thomson, a wonderful man and a great soul mate on Monday, June 29, 2020 at Victoria Hospital, London, in his 64th year. Beloved husband of Jo-Ann and adored by his loving dog Nabu. Sadly missed by his mother Lilo Wulff, his brother Rony Liebheit (Mary Ellen), twin sister Ruby Eimer, his sisters Karen Wulff (Carl), Pam Wulff, Laila and Juanita. Dear son-in-law to Lila Walker, and brother-in-law to Jackie “Jake” Ward, Douglas Walker (Roberta), and Debbie Semple (Steve). Also loved by Bob and Brigitta Prentice, Debbie Sakal, Lynn and Joe Walsh, Michele and Nancy Sauve, Ron and Bev Austin, Paul and Jackie Brewer, his many nieces, nephews, great-nephews, great-nieces, his wonderful neighbours and friends. Predeceased by his step-father Gunther Wulff and father-in-law Joseph Douglas Walker.

A visitation will be held on Thursday, July 2, 2020 from 2:00 – 4:00 and 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at NORTHVIEW FUNERAL CHAPEL, 1490 Highbury Avenue North, London, where a private funeral service for the family will be conducted on Friday, July 3, 2020. Please note: the funeral home can ONLY admit a maximum of 40 people at each visitation period as per the directive of the Bereavement Authority of Ontario, If you wish to attend, please email: to be advised of available visiting times. Please be aware that COVID protocols may preclude some being able to attend as numbers are limited. Please also note that face masks are now mandatory.

For those wishing to make a contribution in Reen’s memory, please consider London Health Sciences Foundation CTCC Unit.

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Our condolences for your loss!

~ Dawn & Tony Reynen

(Donated to London Health Sciences Foundation - Critical Care Trauma Centre)

~ Rick & Julie Olley

Its with sadness that we say farewell to Reen. We offer this donation as a sign of love and respect.

~ MarkBellamy

This donation is to celebrate the life of Reen Thompson

~ Jody

You’re missed my good buddy and special trail friend. We had the most unlikely friendship, short, it was only six years that I got know you, but the gift of having you in my life is something I’ll cherish forever. You were such a good listener, and you had the best advice, You were more than a friend, you were a dad, and a big brother all stuffed into one green army jacket. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and especially his wife Jo-Anne, who had the best cookies and who I know he loved so much, I’m so sorry for your loss, you’re in my thoughts everyday, I know your loss is great.

~ Christina Dadson

I smile ,as I remember the mornings I would meet Reen and Nabo on our daily walks , on the trails along the river . Reen always greeted me with a smile and often a “top of the mornin to you“ ....he always gave the message he was glad to see you .we often walked together , trying to sort out the problems of the world Even the mornings we were going in opposite directions , he would stop to chat and say hi to my buddy Penzi. Nabo would jump around , and eventually give a few barks , as much to say ....“ alright enough attention given to her....what about me” . The trails feel empty now , and I’m saddened by this loss ...I knew him only as a good man . My heartfelt condolences to you Joanne ....know that you are in my thoughts and my prayers... Most sincerely , Pat ( with Penzi)

~ Pat Hoad -Lutes

Jo-Ann and family: My heart goes out to you. I was so sorry to hear about Reen’s passing. The world has lost such a wonderful person. I first met Reen about 5 years ago on the path. Since then I’ve seen him almost daily regardless of the weather. As I ran by he would always greet me with a warm hello. Many times I would stop and walk with him or have a little chat. Reen would ask me about my marathons and would cheer for me after a major race. He would walk Max for me when the weather was too hot for Max to keep up with my pace. In the winter I’d follow Reen’s footsteps in the snow when I ran and always felt safer knowing he was on the trail somewhere. The path will never be the same without him and his precious pup! Rhonda Springer

~ Rhonda Springer

My most sincere condolences to you Jo-Ann, and to all your family. I will always remember Reen as an adventurous and energetic guy - always ready to tackle a challenge with great gusto! I know he thought the world of you and you were his world. I'm so glad for all the years you shared - may happy memories comfort you at this difficult time and bring you peace.❤ Crystel

~ Crystel Cowen

I always enjoyed our conversations as I walked past your house as I walked my dog. It was a break in the day from my usual routine. Words cant express how shocked and sad I am to hear of his early death. Be strong and take care.

~ Ida Fanelli

Hi Ruby, today will be a very hard day for you and your family. I thought I'd share a story with you. I lived in the condos on purser for about 4 years, I would walk/run the streets in that area 5 days a week. I would often pass a gentleman with his dog and we'd smile and wave to each other regularly. It then turned into small conversations. This kind gentleman with a big smile and his adorable dog became a part of my workout routine. I always felt like I knew him, like he looked familiar. Now I know why. This gentleman with the amazing smile was your twin brother. When I moved up to Blackwell, I'd still do my runs in the old area and see Reen and the pup the odd time. That smile of his always made my day. My heart breaks for you and your family. If you need anything at all, please reach out. Sending a ton of love your way on this very difficult day.

~ Steph Cox

We were saddened to hear of Reen's passing. I personally got to know Reen as he was my son's former neighbour. Had many a good conversation on old cars and his love of building engines. A very talented individual. Our thoughts and prayers go to Jo Ann and all of the family. Ian McMillan


My sincere condolences to the Thomson family. I had many funny and sometimes serious conversations with Reen. I respected him for his military service and his knowledge of everyday life. My wife Deb, always said that our personalities were very much alike. I will miss our talks, along with our sarcastic bantering between each other. You will always be in my heart buddy. Dan and Debbie Barr

~ Daniel Barr

Ruby and Family, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May you be surrounded with love and peace during this difficult time. Ola

~ ola abdul sater

Dear Jo-Ann I am so sorry to hear about Reen's and Nabu's passing. Please accept my deepest sympathy. I know that there isn't much I can say to ease your pain right now. May it give you comfort to know that others are thinking of you at this tragic time. I'm sorry that I won't be able to attend the visitation. I will be thinking of you and your family on Friday. You are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Sincerely, Judy Roberts.

~ Judy Roberts

Uncle Reen always said "the next time you come over you can take the truck out for a rip and open her right up" with the biggest smile on his face. I'm sorry we never got to do that. I'm going to miss our long talks about cars and your attemps to teach me how spark plugs work lol. I can almost feel your bear hug and you saying "See ya later buddy". Lots of memories to cherish. Love you so much Aunt Jo. - Brittany

~ Brittany Walker

Dear Lilo, Ruby, Karen, Pam and Rony, I send my sincere condolences to you all. I know that your hearts are broken but knowing you as I do, I am sure you find comfort in knowing that when he arrived in heaven, his beloved dog was there to greet him. Hugs to you all....Steph

~ Steph Haskell

Dearest Jo-Ann We will always remember how both you and Reen welcomed us into the neighbourhood. Reen was always ready to help with his snowblower and your lawn was always the greenest. He would tease me and just shake his head as he went by for a walk saying at least my roses were nice. Branka still recalls the time you came over to ask her for 1 egg to finish a cake you were baking. She thinks the world of you. I remember Tab was Reen's all time favourite soft drink and he loved our outings to the Mandarin. Such fond memories. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

~ Mario & Branka

Renne, my dear brother, my heart aches that you were taken so suddenly and in such a heartbreaking way. A piece of our hearts went with you and you will be cherished forever. Joanne please know that our love for him has always been there and we will always be here for you. I know that his love for you was so strong and will carry his spirit forward in peace. Love Karen

~ Karen Wulff

Jo-Ann and family, It is was shock and sadness that I learned of Reen's (or as I knew him Renee) passing. Growing up I could always count on Reen hanging around my dad's shop in Hyde Park. He would tell me all kinds of stories and provide advice on things whether I wanted to hear about it or not. He was a fixture of sorts at our house on Saturdays and many other days of the week. Reen was a great friend and light to my parents, Ron and Bev Austin. As our lives get busy and I moved away, my dad always kept me up to date on what Reen was up to now. He found a great love in you Jo-Ann and for my dad to like Nabu, he too must have been just a special as Reen. May your fond memories, moments of joy and laughter carry you through these tough times ahead. A light was extinguished with Reen's passing. All of my condolences and hugs from Alberta. Jody Fraser nee Austin

~ Jody Fraser

Hey Bro, Despite our quite similar looks, you and I couldn't have been further apart concerning our life paths, attitudes and general outlook on life. We consciously only spent 4 childhood years together until you were 8 and I was 10; yet of these 4 years I still have fond memories. On Kerr St. in Niagara Falls: racing around on our tricycles, wondering why we couldn't keep up with those barely visible high flying jets, and hopping through the water sprinkler in the hot summer, on Caledonia St. Mom admonishing me to hold you and Ruby tightly by the hands while walking to school in the icy winter wind, sliding down a mound next door in cardboard boxes or mucking with the melted tar on the newly made street, on Fairview, taking our old neighbour's collie out, putting pebbles on train tracks and playing down by the brook, on Westbury, adventures in the forest behind our house and on construction sites in the brand new neighbourhood. Contact was frail to none after I moved to Germany; only seeing you again in 1972 when I was 17 and we had a wonderful summer holiday camping in Parry Sound, scaling those smooth rocks in the bright moonlight. You were always more of a rascal than I was; you showed me e.g. how to throw stones, catch balls with a baseball glove, play frisbee and to keep my eyes open underwater. But there were already signs of very different interests. You grew to love anything with lots of horsepower, car races, guns, planes and the military; worst of all, you thought everything in the US was just great. You would have gladly switched with me being drafted into the German Army. With my peace-movement-background in Europe, the gap between us became almost unbridgeable and remained so for the rest of our lives. Nevertheless, we always stayed in touch, sometimes barely so, and when we met on more or less annual visits, we avoided tricky topics and, over the years, managed to stay on cordial terms. Apart from planes, we did find common ground e.g. in similar music tastes and you were very interested in my family research going back to the 1600s. Not to forget; our love of barbecued steaks, of which you were a master cook. Although pointing out the differences, it was always with a certain pride that I said I had a brother in Canada. I'll be always thankful to you and Jo-Ann for taking my daughter Rosa into your home when she went to grade 11 in London. On later visits, my boys Jesse and Vincent grew very fond of you and a highlight of their visits was always a ride in a pimped car or van, going through your gun collection or watching dirt car races. All this is more than many brothers ever achieve and I wonder how different things would have likely been, had I not moved to Germany - quite certainly not any better. Our childhood and youth was not easy, to say the least. Therefore, I tend to think that I understood you quite well, although our experiences were quite different, and I was most happy for you having found a super wife and partner in Jo-Ann. It's comforting that you seemed content with your life whenever we met and that you were able to make up for things. Now, that you are gone, the mystery for me will remain, why you distanced yourself so abruptly from our parents and siblings some 8 years ago, to this very day none of us knowing why. It was hard for all, especially Mom, and caused me and my own family to tapdance around the issue when we met. We very much missed you at our family reunions all these years. Perhaps, we should have risked rocking the boat and asked you point blank. This is an open issue you leave behind and adds some additional pain to the loss we now feel. On a final note: One last thing I have in common with you was surprisingly added only a few days ago; having your ashes cast into the Niagara, something I have had in mind for myself, albeit only one half, the other half, of course, into the Rhine. But, if we had a chance for more visits, I'm sure we'd have discovered some more. You'll remain in my fond and loving memory, fare thee well, your brother Rony.

~ Rony Liebheit

Dear Ruby and family. I could not find the words last year with my own grief; if I may make up for my late thoughts in writing to you and Reen and his wife Joanne; I am very sorry beyond words for your loss. Us 1970 kids of the Westbury block have lost someone very special .I always remember Renne"Reen" as a good quiet teenage twin brother of my good friend Ruby. My personal condolences to you Joanne, with continued healing. Its so hard to come to terms losing a brother ,let alone a son and husband! I hope memories for everyone will keep our spirits strong. When I see Reens photo I see a happy, kind, soul of a man, I hope his buddy Nabu was seems only right as I understand they were always together. A year has gone by, I hope your loss and grief has softened a little. Remember the happy moments ! RIP Reen and Nabu.

~ Sandra Eccles

Hello Reen, It's so hard to believe that I won't get to see you again... I would have loved to tell you what's happend in the meantime and would've loved to find out what was new with you. I beat myself up every day that I didn't contact you that often... all it would have taken was an email or a message... thats all it would have taken to stay in touch with you. I wanted to let you know that you were an awesome uncle with hilarious stories to tell. I'm very proud of you, because you always stood up for what you believed was right, even if that meant that you had to face your own family. You always did what you felt was right and I respect that alot. I'll never forget the funny face you made when you touched the electrical fly swat, that memory still puts a smile on my face! It's hard to write this all down, when I'd much rather tell you. I miss you Reen, everyone misses you. I hope you're doing well up there... keep a cool one ready for me. Love, Jesse

~ Jesse Ell

Renne, my twin, my brother, we shared so much together through the ups and downs of our lives and I was hoping for so much more.....Our time was cut short. You always said "Ruby, Shit happens" and this runs through my mind sometimes when I think of you. In this case it does not help. I will do my best to think of the good times we have shared and the loving, special relationship you had with JoAnn. She was your anchor and soul mate. For this we love her. I will miss you and love you always, Ruby

~ Ruby Eimer

My deepest heartfelt sympathy goes out to his wife Joanne and his twin sister Ruby my childhood friend, and all of his family , his Mom Lilo and sisters Pam and karen and brother Ronny. I remember "Reen" or as I remember him as "Renne" as one of the seventies kids on the block. Although we were not close, I remember you as the annoying teenage brother to my friend Ruby loI ..teenagers ! Then we all moved in different directions following our parents and time moved on the years went by , Ruby and reconnected and I was pleased to see you just a couple of years ago , it was a short meeting but a pleasure to have seen you again after so many years , so sorry we did not manage to meet again. and enjoy a visit with you and your wife. Life is like a tapestry it is woven in so many ways. I feel so sad for your loss of life in a such senseless way. May you R.I.P. in the kingdom of Heaven. Praying for strength and the courage in the days ahead for your soul mate "Joanne and all the family and friends you have left behind. Memories will be forever. Sandra Eccles

~ Sandra

Great memories of Reen will be in my thoughts forever. I met him first, in Bayfied, in his teen years. We looked forward to him coming by, right after school to hang out. I used to take him out driving on the country roads the year he turned 16 and if memory serves me correctly, I believe I took him to Clinton to get his driving test and he didn't pass the first time! He tried again shortly after, and passed that time. I should have known it wasn't his fault. .It was my poor driving instruction! Everyone I know now will attest to the fact that I'm not a great driver! I thought I was and Reen thought I was, but hey, we had fun and we were very close in those days. I thought of Reen as a very good, kind and humble person and I grieve that I let life and time get in the way. of keeping in touch. Today, I realize, even, more than ever, this reality: If you love someone as a friend, tell them. Keep telling them. I was blessed to have spoken to Reen on the phone the Christmas before last and it felt special. It was as if we picked up right where we left off. I hope we will meet again someday. My heartfelt thoughts are with Reen, his loving wife, all their family and friends, during this difficult time. With Love, Brenda Fansher

~ Brenda Fansher

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